Our Masks

Details on the Remask Air ® collection


Confidence in protecting you and others

The outer layer of the mask is treated with a "hydrophobic solution" that stops moisture from entering the mask. E.g. If someone coughs on you, the droplets will land on the outside of the mask but will not be able to enter the material.


Enjoy the pleasure of comfortable breathing

Whether walking or working, breathing should not be a challenge. The large surface area of the mask and high quality of fabrics give you the freedom to inhale and exhale with ease without sweating.


You are kind to your ears

Sadly, the horrible ear chafing caused by the elastic behind the ears has made the mask an object of torture. We have engineered a special soft elastic earloop which are gentle on your ears even when the mask is worn for a long time.


Voice clarity


The unique construction of the mask gives a lot of space inside so that your nose and mouth do not come in contact with the fabric. It is this feature that gives you clarity of voice.


Mask up in style

While the wear of mask is becoming the new normal, it’s time to make it a fashion statement. Choose from the Remask Air® Collection to match your style.


No more of “Oops it’s slipping again!”

Remask Air® has been engineered to provide a good fit. Its vertical extensibility also adapts to the movement of the mouth so that it does not come down when talking.


Say Goodbye to foggy glasses

For all glass wearers, it’s one of the most unpleasant feelings. That’s why all our masks have nose bridges that help to achieve good sealing to minimize air leakage.


Stay hydrated

Imagine that your dry throat is in desperate need of a fresh drink but the mere thought of undoing the ties of your mask makes you ignore your essential body signal! Thanks to the practical ear loop, you can easily remove your mask to take that long-awaited sip.


Caring for your mask is a breeze

Among the zillion things you have to do, it may be frustrating to add a new task such as caring for your mask. That’s why the mask has been designed for easy washing and quick air drying. In addition, your mask will retain its shape and stay new for long.


The planet can breathe too

It’s true that every time facemasks are thrown away, the planet suffocates with the increasing amount of waste. Remask Air® are reusable and made to last so that you become an eco-responsible mask wearer.