Remask Air®

Comfortable     Reusable     Eco-friendly


DGA tested and certified in France

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About Remask Air ®

✅ BREATH WITH EASE: The mask is cleverly engineered with supporting ridges on the top and bottom of the mouth section. This keeps the mask's high quality polyester material away from your mouth ensuring you can breathe with less obstruction.

✅ CLARITY OF VOICE: Not having material sitting on your lips allows your voice to travel almost as if you had no mask on at all! No more shouting at people through your mask to try help them understand you!

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL+DESIGN: Remask Air ® facemasks are manufactured by one of the leading textile manufacturers in the world. They sought to design a mask that makes it the most comfortable by using satin soft material and garment engineering.

ADJUSTABLE EAR LOOPS: By using the small silicon loops, you are able to adjust the mask to your size. All masks are Unisex.

MOISTURE REPELLANT: The outer layer of the mask is treated with a "hydrophobic solution" that stops moisture from entering the mask. E.g. If someone coughs on you, the droplets will land on the outside of the mask but will not be able to enter the material.

Water-Resistant mask

Standard masks are quite porous, and especially if they get wet, they can allow the virus to penetrate fabric.

As seen in the video, the outside layer of the facemask is FULLY droplet/liquid/water-repellent. This is because of a special coating used which increases the hydrophobic properties of the PE in the mask.

In our laboratories, the masks are under constant strict quality standards and tests. Prior to packaging, all masks are sterilised so they are ready for immediate use.

DGA tested and approved face masks

The Directorate of General Armament also known as the "DGA" is a department within the French Ministry of Defence that carries out testing of military and scientific equipment. Our manufacturer has sent the Remask Air facemasks to be tested there and received positive approval concerning the level protectivity and quality of our mask. 

Furthermore, the masks are built as per AFNOR S76-001 v1.10 specifications. AFNOR sponsored a group of industry experts along with members of standardization commissions for personal protective equipment (PPE) and for textiles.

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